Stray Dogs Slaughter Cat

A home surveillance video has caught a pack of dogs killing a pregnant cat.

The owner, Matt Eller, found the cat dead this morning on the sidewalk in front of his home.

Eller say’s the attack happened around midnight on the previous day. He heard some noise, but thought it was the neighbor's dogs, but it was really his own cat being attacked.

It was a pack of four black stray dogs that attacked the cat.

Eller says, since the cat was pregnant, it was harder for her to move very fast. Unfortunately one of the four dogs did get a hold of her.

"It's just scary because I have a kid, a 3-year-old, and it could have been him, and we could be in a lot worse situation right now. They were blood thirsty dogs, a pack of dogs, and they could easily take out a kid," said Eller.

We contacted animal control and they tell us they get at least 200 complaints a week about stray animals in that particular area.

Since they are short-handed right now, they are not able to patrol the neighborhood for strays the way they'd like too.

To see video please click the following link:

Have your say! Do you think animal control need to ensure that they are able to have patrol for the neighborhood?


  1. This is vile but I don't have to see the video - take it off

  2. You certainly do not have to see the video, that is why there is a link and the actual video is not uploaded on the site. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the dangers cats are facing and it is our hope that people will unite together to make a change to this.