Thugs shoot cat with air rifle

THE RSPCA are appealing after a cat was left with a hole in her hip bone after thugs shot the feline with an air rifle in Mersea earlier this month.

Family pet Poppy came limping home to Sea View Avenue, West Mersea, on Sunday, 6 March at about 2.30pm.

“We saw some blood and realised she was hurt, and took her to the emergency vet,” said her owner Marcia O’Brien.

The vet discovered that a pellet from an air rifle had gone through Poppy’s hip and left a hole. It cannot be pinned because of the location, so she is having to rest and be stopped from jumping and walking until the beginning of April in the hope that the bone will knit together.

Poppy is a white cat with tortoise shell stepping stones on her back and tail.

“We are hoping someone witnessed this, and will be able to help by coming forward as we really need to find out who was behind this senseless attack,” said RSPCA chief inspector Dawn Avery.

“It will help Poppy’s owners find some peace of mind, because they are worried that if this person is not caught, they will shoot another pet, or hurt Poppy again.

“If anyone was in the area of Sea View Avenue in West Mersea and saw or heard anything, they can call us on 0300 123 4999.”

Source: The Enquire 24/03/2011

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