Fat cats can crush

As the human race appears to be getting fatter and fatter so are cats. There have been stories of cats weighing 18,19 and 20 lbs. One cat in Hampshire got so fat he jammed in the cat flap and only the Fire Brigade could rescue him by taking the door of its hinges. Last week a 22lb Himalayan in Portland Oregon attacked a seven month baby in the face and after being kicked by the father was in such a rage that the family hid and a bedroom after calling the police.

A cat expert said 'Although this is a very unpleasant experience the cat had been abused in the sense that it was out of control with its appetite and out of control with its aggression. The family obviously over indulged it and the baby was competition for food and attention. This was an accident waiting to happen. Abuse can take many forms and often leads to violence.'

Just one more beer!

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